Narrate Your Fantastic Stories Through a Photo Book

No matter if you are a professional photographer or someone who just captures the beautiful and memorable moments in your camera, every picture narrates a story and expresses numerous emotions. Every photograph can showcase endless versions of a story to an individual, thus making them so special and powerful way to freeze the moment in time. Photo books have become increasingly popular and a loveable way to relive the moments or to narrate one’s experience. Therefore, to create a living memory of those special moments, choosing the right pictures is essential.

  1. Filtering the pics
    Making a photo book can be a difficult task – choosing the theme, storyline, size, creative designs etc., to choose the right pictures makes it even more challenging. When we click pics, we click a lot of them, but not all of them can go into the photo book. Therefore, based on the theme and story of your photo book, you need to sort the pics that go well together and can fulfil your expectations for the photo book. Start by removing the bad ones, followed by the ones that don’t fit into the story. This would make the taste a lot simpler.
  2. Checking out the picture quality
    Before finalisation the pictures for the book, it is essential to ensure that they have a good resolution and would look after a print. The pictures should be big enough so that they don’t get pixelated or blurred on printing. Also, you should take into account the paper being used for printing and theme of the photo book, so that they blend well together.
  3. Weave the story
    Be it a travel photo book, wedding album, birthday present or any other occasion, lay down the pictures and weave the story. Plan a plot, choose the setting and start putting the pieces of the puzzle together to create the masterpiece. In order to make it easy, sort the pictures in a chronological order and also based on their size and quality and then start with the creative part. Don’t forget to add little surprises and a climax to your plot.
  4. Don’t overdo things
    Resort from putting too many pictures on the same page or dedicated to the same thing. Write the plot creatively and cover the parts evenly with the pictures. Having too many similar pictures can beat the purpose and make it monotonous. Try and keep it short and leave room for imagination and creativity. You can check out some wonderful photo book ideas at
  5. Re-working the pictures
    Even the professional photographers fine-tune their captures, you should do the same. Based on the layout of your photo book and the part played by the picture in the story, you can crop them or edit them a little to meet your needs and fit them rightly into their slot. Do pay special attention to the orientation of the picture, as it may significantly affect the flow of the story, if not done right.

Photo books are trending as a wonderful way to express one’s personality. Visit and You can find some amazing ideas or get a fantastic photo book made for your special occasion.